Are You Interested In How This Started? 

Davison Athletics was started based on a dream to continue to help kids of all ages perform at the best of their ability. I believe that all kids have the capability to be a great athlete it just takes a strong mind, soul, and heart to be great. 

Coach Davison 

Hi I am the founder of Davison Athletics! I am 24 years old and originally from Edgewood, Texas. This dream started once I graduated high school and had no offers to go play college baseball. It was a hard pill to swallow considering that I had put in a lot of long hours training and trying to become the best athlete in my school. However, in this game that wasn't enough! I realized that I would never get to play again and that really stunk because I love the game of baseball. Once I started coaching little league teams and understanding how these young kids think, I realized how many kids needed help, and not because they weren't good but because they had the potential but no one to channel that potential and turn it into good habits.  

The goal is to teach kids not only about the sport, whether it be baseball or softball, but also about life. There are many life factors that can help an athlete be great for example, understanding failure, understanding respect, understanding discipline. These factors will be taught at Davison Athletics along with the necessary skills to be a good athlete.